Why Should I Become a Member?

The Women’s Sports Alliance Ltd. is a union-style exclusive membership club that will protect, enhance and support your involvement in women’s sports. You are likely to come across challenging times in the industry and we are here, as a powerful body, to stand by you through them all. Whether that be financially supporting you through injury; representing you at a tribunal or supporting you legally with any sports or non-sports related matter. The WSA are your support network and will give you a platform to speak and be heard.

How Do I Become a Member?

To become a member of The WSA, you will need to meet our specific criteria. If you successfully meet this criteria, you should submit an online membership request. The request will be reviewed and The WSA will contact you within 48 hours to progress.

Who is the WSA Available to?

The WSA is open to any elite individual, male or female, involved in the Women’s Sports Industry across the globe. To meet our criteria, the requesting member will be involved in the top three tiers of their chosen team sport, or be involved at county/regional level of their chosen individual sport. Every membership request will be reviewed on an individual basis by The WSA.

How does the injury financial support work?

Injuries such as ACL ruptures are far too common within women’s sports. Should any of our members be unfortunate enough to suffer a sports related injury, they are entitled to financial support. The last thing that female athletes need when going through a tough injury, is to be financially under pressure.

Can I be a Member of the WSA if I am a member of the PFA, RPA or any other similar body?

Yes. Providing you have no agreement with The other body, preventing you.

Can I be a Member of the WSA if I have an agent?

Absolutely. The WSA are just an extra support system for you to utilise.

Am i tied into a contract with The WSA?

The WSA contract is a rolling monthly contract.