Are you an Elite, High Performing or Talented female or male coach in Women’s Sport? Enhance and develop your career by becoming a Member of the WSA.

Supporting Female and Male Coaches working in Women's Sport.

Whether you are coaching an Olympic gold medalist, or coaching an 11 year old talented athlete, we have a membership scheme especially for you.

WSA membership schemes offer dedicated support that gives a coach what she/he needs to reach the next level of coaching performance, or to maintain her/his status at the top level.

When you become a WSA Coach, you will be automatically placed in one of the following membership schemes based on your performance levels, your support needs and your aspirations. As you progress in your career, your membership scheme will adjust accordingly.

Elite Level Coaches

Champion Success. Inspire Next Generation. Express a Voice.

Members aged 18+ that are currently coaching the Senior International level, Olympic level or the world ranked 1-20 level, are placed into the Elite Membership Scheme.

High Performing Level Coaches

Drive Performance. Enhance Intelligence. Build Profiles.

Members aged 16+ that are currently coaching the youth international level, club level or regional level are placed into the High Performing Membership Scheme.

Talented Level Coaches

Build Confidence. Increase Accessibility. Encourage Competitiveness.

Members aged 16+ that are currently coaching at the grassroots level are placed into the Talented Membership Scheme.