The WSA is the worlds first exclusive membership club designed specifically to protect, support and enhance elite individuals within the Women’s Sports industry. 

As an Elite Individual involved in Women’s Sports, you are likely to come across challenging times in the industry. We are here, as a powerful body, partnered with some of the largest Organisations, to support you through them all.

Whether that be giving you exclusive access to injury support, legal advice, financial advice, empowering networking events  or discounted products and services. The WSA are the ultimate support and protection network and the face of Women’s Sports around the world.

The Women’s Sports Alliance Ltd. aims to protect, support and provide enhancement opportunity for our members within the Women’s Sports industry. Any individual, male or female, working in Women’s Sports, can apply to become a member of The WSA.

Find the membership criteria description, here.


The WSA offers protection to any Elite Individual in Women's Sports. We can give you access to legal protection, injury protection programs, injury grants and we can help fight governing bodies on important issues.


The WSA offers support to any Elite Individual in Women's Sports. We can give you access to financial support, nutritional support, mental health support, contractual support and business start-up support.


The WSA aims to provide enhancement opportunities to any Elite Individual in Women's Sports. We can offer you discounted or free sportswear, hotel discount, social media enhancement opportunities and sports qualification discounts.

Partnering Organisations

We build long lasting relationships with some of the largest Brands in and out of the Sports Industry. Our trusted Partnering Organisations offer WSA Members exclusive access to products and services. Together, we are becoming the face of Women’s Sports. If you are interested in becoming a Partering Organisation of The WSA, contact us.

On behalf of the women’s sports industry, thank you to the following Organisations for their continued support.